Barcroft Consulting Group LLC

Revenue Scoring
The Barcroft Consulting Group is uniquely qualified to prepare tax revenue and scoring estimates. This is because each of our three principals has years of government experience either with the revenue estimating staff of the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation or the revenue estimating staff of Treasury’s Office of Tax Analysis, or both. Consequently, we understand the methodology, data, and techniques applied by those professional staffs.

We also have years of experience dealing with revenue scoring issues from outside government, employing client-specific data. When requested to do so by our clients, we cooperate with government staffs by providing them with helpful proprietary data and our analysis. By doing so, our clients are assured that there are no misunderstandings of the issues or the data.

Economic Impact Studies
Barcroft Consulting principals have written a number of more lengthy studies showing the economic impact of tax law changes on (a) the entire economy, (b) a particular sector of the economy and/or (c) a particular region of the country. These studies often include employment impacts. We have prepared studies for retailers, R&D providers, and the credit card industry.

Branded Studies
We have produced a number of so-called branded studies which clients use directly in their contacts with Members or which clients ask us to publish via press conferences or congressional testimony. These studies contain tax revenue estimates and sometimes economic impacts.

Specialized Software Development
Our principals have produced original software for analysis of financial markets and risk management among other issues.